QSL Info:

The Manager

PY2FN - Marcelo Motoyama
P.O.Box 53021
08220-971 - São Paulo - SP

QSL Direct:

Brazilian Stations - SASE
America Stations - SAE + US$ 2,00 or 1 New IRC
Rest of the World - SAE + US$ 3,00 or 2 EUR or 1 New IRC

On Line/Donation Request:
(Preferred Option)

US$ 5,00 (Click in the logo of PayPal)

(I collect QSLs cards. If possible sent your QSL via Bureau)

QSL Via Bureau:

After received your QSL card, i sent the QSL in de same option.

QSL Via Lotw:

I upload the Log after QSL direct event cicle.

Not in Log?

If you cannot find your callsign in the LOG but are sure to have a valid contact, please send your request to PY2FN. Every request will be considered in order to debug any possible log entry error.

Thank you for your understanding

73, Marc - PY2FN