After 18 years, Marc - PY2FN( Ex- PY2LQB and PY2AFN), also ZX2F, returns to Radio. His first contact in this new phase occurred on 01/04/2010 and then decided to reactivate its CW accomplish this first expedition now.

I appreciate the help of old friends, PY2MOK - Leo, PY2SP - Ademir e PY2KP - Cláudio, and for his encouragement and support and new friends, PY2LCD - Billy and PU2PYF - Nilson, who helped me with cables and software configurations to N1MM, I also thank the members of support from the GBDX - Brazilian Group and Cliperton DX Group.This operation will be a holiday, and be with my family, but I intend to provide the maximum possible time to pile-ups.

I'll be operating with a Yaesu FT450-AT, and oneCrushcraft R8 Vertical 6-40 meters, if possible i operating in 80 and 160 meters with dipoles.

I will await you in the bands,

Marc - PY2FN


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